Rapid Brainstorming

Method card example of how to add discovery structure and learn about a project or environment focusing research on specific areas allowing teams and businesses to achieve a shared vision.

Problem Definition Statement

Problem Definition

Usually nine times out of ten, people will come to me with a problem to solve and it is either not the right problem or in most cases not phrased in the right manner. Part of designing the right solution is to better define and understand a problem in order achieve the right outcome.

Example: Are we designing a new helmet, or are we designing a new way to protect a cyclist’s head?

UX Strategy Blueprints

An example of a collaborative group activity discussing key areas uncovering challenges and how to approach core research strategy.

uxpin-logo-201473851Featured on Jim Kalbatch’s UXPin presentation Here

Testing Hypothesis

An example of a hypothesis format introduced to team members and senior management to communicate and question internal assumptions via a simple testable statement with the goal to have a unified approach for all team members.

We believe that [doing this, building this feature, this experience],
for [these organisations, personas],
will achieve or solve [this outcome],
we will know this to be true when we see [this quantitate/qualitative feedback].


Lead and facilitated brainstorming workshops with multidisciplinary product teams during early stages of product ideation developing strong points of view, analysing assumptions and prioritising product concepts.

Mapping Experiences

One of my favourite methods to communicate a customer’s experience or journey through a product or service is illustrating compelling stories allowing potential opportunities, for design direction and innovation.

Customer Journey Map Workshop

Workshop conducted at Yoorella, Australia’s largest non-profit disability services organisations in Australia.

Mental Model of a family with an Autistic Child

Task Analysis

Identifies persona’s thought process and desired reactions toward each task flow segment.

Empathy Map - Autistic Child

The Power of Empathy

Empathy maps are one of my favourite UX artefacts. Being empathetic ensures we are listening and dealing with the people’s concerns and how we can make smarter design decisions focusing on people.

Getting Inspired

Before kicking off the ideation process, I find that gathering inspiration from elsewhere not only limited to the same domains or industry assists in generating font-stage ideas.

  • What are competitors doing?
  • What established design patterns are out there?
  • Are there any ideas and design patterns that could be given a different spin when applied to your particular problem?


Creating structure for a website, application or a supermarket, IA allows us to understand where the information sits in relation to a position or context via the creation of site maps, hierarchies, categorizations, navigation, and metadata.

Information Architecture (IA)

Creating Structure

Designing how content needs to be delivered to users is an awesome challenge, usually I would conduct a card sorting workshop to better understand the importance of information, here is an early example how I communicate organising information, establishing content hierarchy based on people’s conceptual model and how information can influence people’s thought process and behaviors.

Information Architecture (IA)

Rapid Sketching


Probably my favourite method for generating screen ideas and flows fast is involving team members from all disciplines to brainstorm via whiteboarding. One of the questions I ask myself and the team is “can we whiteboard this?”

Not every design has to be prototyped as it adds to the time and effort required to communicate design thinking for product teams.

Hi-Fidelity Prototypes

Here is an example of my UI design capabilities leveraging conventions and UI from frameworks that do not require the team to take too much time in re-inventing the wheel.

Below is a dashboard design using Material Design.


Animation, when used well can enhance the user experience. Animation can drive people to make better decisions, blend with human behaviour and leave a lasting impression after people use your product or service however, as problem solvers we need to know when to use it and when to lose it.

Animation example made in After Effects, exported as an animated Gif and imported into InVison can help generate instant feedback from users.


Sometimes you need things to unwind or take your mind off the norm, I like to do this when I can. Always a company Christmas party favourite 🙂