George Kordas - Experience Strategist
George Kordas - Experience Strategist
Lean rapid experimentation to deliver high value impact to a market.



strategic design consultant

“Traveller of the world, I am fascinated by human behaviour, how we act with the discussions we make to what motivates us to take action.”



Is the way you operate directly affect service performance?

We scan your organisation's resources, processes, flows, materials & design an experience that will improve your employee experience that will indirectly lead to rewarding customer experiences.

 Design-Thinking with Telstra Health’s Senior Leadership Team

Design-Thinking with Telstra Health’s Senior Leadership Team



I have helped organisations with strategic alignment & evaluation methods to take action

These days, the notion that organisations will sign-off anything without evidence is nonsense. As much of an advocate of Human Centred Design (HCD), organisations struggle to use HCD methods in their day-to-day processes. Moreover, organisations need better evaluation methods for making products & services people need over the marketing of HCD.

 Discovery workshop with the Qantas Product teams

Discovery workshop with the Qantas Product teams



Supercharging cultures in design-thinking & doing

I have assisted a variety of organisations and teams to be their best by discovering how to be leaner, faster and more successful with their products, services and business innovation initiatives.



Academy Xi

I aspire to inspire and help the next generation of problem solvers from different disciplines to work together and achieve rewarding and meaningful outcomes for society and the future.