George Kordas - Experience Strategist
George Kordas - Experience Strategist
Lean rapid experimentation to deliver high value impact to a market.

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“With a background in design & psychology, I am fascinated by human behaviour, how we act with the discussions we make to what motivates us to take action.”


I specialising in Capability Uplift , Service Design, UX/CX via Human Centred & Evidence-Based Design Methods



Does the way you operate affect your customer experience?

We look at your organisation's resources, processes, flows, materials & design an experience that will improve your employee experience that will indirectly lead to awesome customer experiences.

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Uncovering blue-sky thinking

We do this through ‘innovation enablement’  focusing on your people’s capability, methods and processes.  This includes ‘hands-on’ experiences for your people through both immersive education & innovation sprint work. Working with and for our clients, we focus on inspiring and challenging the innovation muscle within your organisation.

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Supercharging cultures in design-thinking/doing

I have assisted a variety of organisations and teams to be their best by discovering how to be leaner, faster and more successful with their products, services and business innovation initiatives.



Academy Xi

I aspire to inspire and help the next generation of problem solvers from different disciplines to work together and achieve rewarding and meaningful outcomes for society and the future.