Cengage Learning's secondary student product offering in the market was facing a decreasing adoption rate; retention was at an all time low plus reviews from their eBook experience was getting negative reviews. Cengage Learning required a new redesign for their platform to improve their experience and increase their adoption in the marketplace.



Re-design the eLearning look and feel and propose design improvements within a nine-week time frame.



Upon my initial consultation with Product Lead, Sales, Marketing and IT, it was apparent that the NelsonNet experience suffered from the range of usability issues and redesigning the platform would not get the to the heart of the underlining problem. 

I proposed a nine-week lean approach to defining goals and how to measure success metrics, research, workshop, concept, experiment, prototype, validate and report findings while coaching the NelsonNet team in design thinking for effective collaborative problem-solving. 

 Full-day workshop with Sales, Support, Head of Product, Tech Lead and Marketing

Full-day workshop with Sales, Support, Head of Product, Tech Lead and Marketing



Involving a range of subject matter experts from the business to understand the challenges, goals, ideas, feedback and perspectives that surrounded the current product. 

Most companies think that UX designers will fix all the problems. We as problem solvers are facilitators. Our job is to bring in the right people in to gain perspectives to understand underlining issues and challenges better to propose approaches testing hypothesis, run experiments to test and validate with real users.



I conducted a workshop which provided the team visibility to measure competitive baseline, performance, desirability and value propositions to the target market. What we did:

Stand-alone benchmarking: Usability benchmarking, this is a standard approach to begin a redesign project establishing a starting point, comparing how the product design iterations could impact the user experience.

Competitive analysis: Provided understanding how NelsonNet performs compared to primary competitors.


Target Users

Cengage Learning provided ten students and 5 teachers to interview providing demographic insights, personalities, goals, needs, motivations, where do they source information, how they feel about the current product experience, do they use competitor or third party platforms and how might we improve their eLearning experience.





Splash page, before 

Splash page, after

 New eBook Experience

New eBook Experience