Design Sprints  An example of a session I facilitated at Telstra Health bringing in subject matter experts illustrating and mapping user journeys with the goal to improve their client's workforce management system to focus on delivering quality care to people in the community space. 
 Storyboarding  An example of how I communicate real stories providing a lens into target customers assisting teams in identifying gaps with the goal to articulate exactly what opportunities may exist to design solutions.
 Service Blueprints  An example of an expressive service blueprint aimed to communicate the interaction between people and the complexity of systems with the goal to provide insights and opportunities.
 Brainstorming  Example of how I used Method Cards to add discovery structure and learn about a project or environment focusing research on specific areas allowing with Stakeholders to achieve a shared vision.
 Problem Definition  Usually, people will come to me with a problem to solve and it is in most cases phrased right or been thought through. Part of designing the right solution is to better define and understand a problem in order to achieve a desirable outcome
 Strategy Blueprints  An example of a collaborative group activity discussing key areas uncovering challenges and how to approach product strategy.
 Testing Hypothesis  An example of a hypothesis format introduced to team members and senior management to communicate and question internal assumptions via a simple testable statement with the goal to have a unified approach for all team members.
 Mapping Experiences  One of my favourite methods to communicate a customer’s experience or journey through a product or service is illustrating compelling customer experiences enabling potential opportunities, for innovation.
 Personas  Understanding people's goals, needs, motivations and challenges is a vital part of product design and a great communication tool to all team members to understand who we are designing. I recently created these portable persona cards for a client to discuss during our workshops and iterations.
 Empathy  A great collaborative tool for teams to gain a deeper insight into their customers. Much like a user persona, an  empathy map  can represent a group of users, such as a customer segment. 
 Getting Inspired  Before kicking off the ideation process, I find that gathering inspiration from elsewhere not only limited to the same domains or industry assists in generating font-stage ideas.
 Whiteboarding  A favourite method for generating ideas and flows fast is involving team members from all disciplines to brainstorm via whiteboarding. Not every design has to be prototyped as it can add time and effort required to communicate design thinking for product teams.
 Rapid Sketching  I use sketching to rapidly generate screen based ideas, this process typically involves a few iterations and involving the product team to take part is a good idea to gain different perspectives. Things come easier once the problem and experimentation has been validated.   
 Flow Diagrams   Example on a flow diagram I used to illustrate and communicate behaviour and interaction to the product and development team. 
 Flow Diagrams   iOS Application flow diagram illustrating the onboarding experience, adding personal information including conditions ebabling users to be matched to a qualified Certified Diabetes Educator.
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