Qantas Innovation Group Ventures continuously look to invest in and partner with early and growth stage technology companies who can leverage the Qantas Group's global footprint, expertise and unique assets to scale within Australia and globally, this opportunity was for a potential partnership.



Research was conducted identifying the target market segment. I proposed a lean evidence-based framework to target our strategy and sector likely to adopt the service, gain insight to run experiments, test and validate.


What I did

Lean Project Roadmap
Customer Engagement Strategy
Jobs To Be Done Framework
Participant Recruitment
Designed Research Kits
Conducted Customer Interviews
Insight Synthesis
Facilitated Ideation Workshops
Designed Interactive Service Blueprint
Concept, Ideation, and Storyboarding
Presented Outcomes and Opportunities to Stakeholders


Current SERVICE Experience


Speaking with the potential partner, we mapped out the current service experience unveiling actors involved in the service, behaviour pattens, work-arounds, data constraints, policy and opportunities assisting in new service design concepts.



With the stories (tasks or jobs to be done) gained from our customer insight interviews, I designed rapid flow diagrams into the potential experience from a solution touch-point perspective, involving multiple stakeholders to provide insight and feedback.


Collaborating to align teams and business units

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 11.11.58 PM.png



The output provided Qantas with the shared understanding and the likelihood of adoption for new potential service offerings of a target Qantas Frequent Flyer segment.