The Opportunity

Qantas Innovation Group Ventures were continuously looking to invest in potential partnerships with early stage technology companies. This piece was for a potential partnership within the finance space.

Within nine weeks, I was tasked to devise, execute and validate a new service/product market fit via four Qantas Frequent Flyer customer segments.


The Outcome

The tested risk assumptions, concepts plus market value propositions indicated a high desirability score via one of four key customer segments. This result assisted Qantas to mitigate risk and pivot their strategic product and service value focus.


Key Activities

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01: Framing the blueprint for success

I engaged and facilitated with partners, senior stakeholders plus DevOps and UX to identify what does success look like and how we will get there.

This helped to create a formal document with a shared view on the key focus areas plus activities which was distributed to all parties.


Due to the nine-week timeline and resource constraints, we needed more hands to run JOBS-TO-BE-DONE (JTBD) interviews with people who had no experience.

The solution was to run a workshop with a select group of Qantas staff to coach into how to run JTBD sessions so team members can gain confidence to run them and gain quality insights.


02: Jobs-to-be-done
customer sessions

A way of exploring and identifying people’s circumstances and motivations that assist in understanding causality via peoples desired outcomes (what job’s they are trying to get done).


03: Making
sense of raw data

Once our interviews were complete, I began to turn our findings into clear outcome, and demand-driven insights with the team involved making it clear into what the next steps would be via our design stage.


04: Mapping the current Service

Speaking with the potential partner, we mapped out the current service experience unveiling actors involved in the service, behaviour pattens, work-arounds, data constraints, policy and opportunities assisting in new service design concepts.

Service Blueprint

05: Mapping the future CX

Once the team finished the jobs-to-be-done sessions, I designed initial storyboards that identified the steps people could take to create a seamless customer experience. This new vision assisted in establishing the flow diagrams the future experience.


06: Stakeholder walkthroughs

Involving multiple SME’s plus senior stakeholders, this assisted to provide insight and gain constructive feedback for the proposed experience and solution identifying potential challenges and quick wins to pivot, iterate and re-design.

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"George has the ability to apply business acumen to product design, present ideas and concept in a visual manner that excites the audience and allows for easy understanding of the concepts. George gave constructive feedback and advice to the commercial elements of product design, ensuring customer problems are solved and customer desirability is foremost."

Jane Brabham, Innovation Lead - Qantas


07: Future interactive Service Blueprint

Another constraint was the lack of communication due to stakeholders busy schedule. To combat this I designed an interactive Service Blueprint via Invision empowering teams to view the new Service Experience and to comment on the future system, processes, touch-points and screens designed that will help move the customers to a desired outcome.


08: The Outcome

Out of the four segments, only 1/8 concept and value proposition tested high desirability. This result assisted Qantas to mitigate risk and pivot their strategic focus to one target audience likely to adopt the service and product offering.

Qantas CX Team

Hey, thanks for watching

This was a great experience for me. The main take-away was the importance of strategic alignment and how it can make or break the a project.

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Rethinking Community Care

Responsible for leading, managing and executing the future service vision within Community Care for Telstra Health