Explore the current unmet needs within Seat selection, Baggage & Payments for Qantas customers that will empower Qantas to make customer-centric product and service improvements in how they manage their booking.



The Qantas Purchase Domain needed help in how to go about planning and executing the discovery to design. I devised the end-to-end lean approach and executed the activities with key stakeholders to gain and interpret raw insights into tangible product and service opportunities.



The concepts prototyped gained high desirability score within all Qantas tier segments. The findings were used to externalise into the other Qantas domains assisting in prioritising based on the target customers highest underserved needs plus helped to pivot their strategy regarding high risk assumptions.

Qantas also gained a range of Human Centred Design frameworks and resources I designed to assist teams in their strategy, research and design workshops that are still currently utilised today.


Research Kits


Provide an interactive and collaborative approach when conducting interviews with participants taking down insights to be used as raw data for walkthroughs and synthesis.