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Let's face it, we are eventually going to get old or may get into an unforeseen accident, and we are going to need some form of assistance. We tend not to think about it until we come to a conclusion or unfortunate realisation that we need help and how this will affect our day-to-day lives.

I was tasked to gain insights into how people are facing challenges at home, are their support needs being met, how people interact with their social or supporting networks, how providers manage health services with the goal to deliver a rewarding quality service for people within the community space.

Below is the a glance at the provider engagement piece.



Create to a care system that enables everyone to live the richest
possible lives, in their communities, with their loved ones.



Visiting three community health providers partners throughout Australia with a variety of operating models and size, I formed insights into how providers currently manage their day-to-day in different departments. Combined with the participant research strategy, this assisted in mapping the future eco-system for healthcare in Australia.



Our clients had a blast in workshopping their day-to-day activities.

“For the first time, we saw a visual representation of how all business units operate, process limitations and areas of opportunities. We will adopt these activities for problem solving in the workplace.” - Tegan (United Communities)
 The amazing team at United Communities

The amazing team at United Communities

 Empathy mapping worksop with staff members

Empathy mapping worksop with staff members

 Service Blueprint Workshop

Service Blueprint Workshop


Expressive Blueprint


Based on our interviews, I designed the current service experience for providers.
The blueprint below was one of many designed and in particular the on-boarding experience for providers workforce, a common pain-point and theme that emerged when visiting providers big and small. This service blueprint was used as a discussion point with the Telstra Health product team that enables a clear vision and action plan for a Minimal Viable Service Roadmap.

Service Blue Print
 Scenarious that drove structure and future state blueprint

Scenarious that drove structure and future state blueprint

 Workshopping a potential future service experience

Workshopping a potential future service experience




By understanding peoples day-to-day activities outside and inside the digital experiences, enabled a new lens into areas of opportunity for providers, their workforce and most importantly how this will provide a positive impact for people at home receiving care.

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 There is a whirlwind of change in policy and practice which is impacting previous notions of community care. As the expectation of software for the aged, disability and community care sector is changing, providers have told us they require to offer a more personalised, modular, cloud-based, and device agnostic solutions to meet the challenges of an evolving workforce and increased client demand. 

Telstra Health – ADCC reveals vision for disability and community care software.
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